Investment Bank In Nepal

What is Investment Bank ?

A large financial institution that works primarily on high finance is known as Investment Bank. The main vision of such investment bank is to help other companies access capital market to raise money and take care of other business needs.

How Investment Bank works?

Suppose F1soft International wanted to sell 10 billion NRS worth of bond to start new sister company in Silicon Valley, then Investment Bank of Nepal for eg. Nabil Investment Banking Limited would help F1soft International as issue manager to find buyer of the bond and handle the paper work .These types of investment bank of Nepal are working with the teams of lawyer and accountant.

Popular Investment Bank of Nepal are ::

  • Nabil Investment Banking Limited
  • Prabhu Capital Limited
  • Global IME Capital Limited
  • NIC Asia Capital Limited
  • NMB Capital Limited
  • sunrise Capital Limited
  • Kumari Capital limited
  • Sanima Capital Limited
  • RBB Merchant Banking Limited
  • Laxmi capital Market limited

List of Investment Bank in Nepal

  • Aakash Capital Limited
  • Arks capital advisors Limited
  • Beed Invest Limited
  • BOK Capital Market Limited
  • CIBL Capital Limited
  • Century Capital Market Limited
  • Citizen Investment Trust
  • Civil Capital Market Limited
  • Global IME Capital Limited
  • Kathmandu Capital Market Limited
  • Kriti Capital and Investments Limited
  • Kumari Capital Limited
  • Laxmi Capital Market Limited
  • Machhapuchhre Capital Limited
  • Megha Capital Markets Limited
  • Muktinath Capital Limited
  • Nabil Investment Banking Limited
  • National Merchant Banker Limited
  • Nepal Bangladesh Capital Limited
  • Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited
  • NIBL Ace Capital Limited
  • NIC Asia capital Limited
  • NMB Capital Limited
  • Prabhu Capital Limited
  • Provident Merchant Banker Limited
  • RBB Merchant Banking Limited
  • Samriddhi Capital Limited
  • Sanima capital Limited
  • Siddharth Capital Limited
  • Sunrise Capital Limited
  • Wealth Management and Merchant Banking Limited


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